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Elizabete Schramm Saukas
Elizabete Saukas, Healthcare Consultant

Meet Elizabete

I’m Elizabete Schramm Saukas, a marketing expert with deep knowledge in the healthcare industry. I’m Brazilian, Latina, established in West Michigan for more than ten years. I have a bachelor’s in International Relations, MBA in Project Management, MPA in Healthcare Administration, and just finishing up, my master’s in public health.

Healthcare marketing is unique and reflects the complexity of the healthcare system. I help healthcare organizations to break out of convoluted medical terms and create a message that patients can relate and use to make the best choice for their health.

At Health Discourse, I provide clients with marketing and content solutions that build awareness, promote sales, thought leadership, and deliver real results. I’m highly invested in the success of my clients, and design solutions that are customized according to their needs.

Our Mission

We are focused on delivering superior marketing solutions and high-quality and fact-checked research-based content.

Our Vision

To become a reference in science-based and trust building healthcare content.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Excellence
  • Respect

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